Sunair Solar was first founded by Stephen Guiliana in 2010.

Steve had been running his own successful electrical business since 1975, clocking up 35 years before bringing his son, Steel, into the business as a partner in 2010.

With Steve and Steel riding a continuous wave of successes, they began diversifying into the residential solar market, initially sub-contracting for large companies, installing thousands of systems over the next few years. In 2016 they engaged a brilliant sales and marketing team and trained their own Installers - fast becoming leaders in the booming residential Solar Market in NSW. SunAir Solar provides it's quality products and services throughout NSW.

SunAir Solar is just as at home on small residential projects, as it is with designing and installing Solar Farms such as the huge 200kW Solar Farm at Drayton's Winery in the NSW Hunter Valley.

SunAir Solar also specialises in Solar Storage Options such as Solar Batteries that allow customers to utilize more solar power, as they are now able to store excess power generated by their systems during the day, to be utilised in the evenings.

With Steel Guiliana now firmly at the helm of SunAir Solar, his father, Steve passed the business to Steel. Steel Guiliana Enterprises Pty Ltd trading as SunAir Solar, continues to offer excellence in every project and friendly service at very competitive prices.


SunAir Founders Have Something to Say

“Having been involved in the construction of many of our own homes and installations on various properties over the past 8 years, I know the service and professionalism a customer expects from their contractors. This is why it has become the first priority for us to treat every installation, big or small, as we would our own home. This guarantees the customer will be left with a great feeling once the project is completed''

- Steel Guiliana

“The vast opportunities a solar system can bring to the community and the home owner have spurred me on to extend our reach across country NSW from our humble beginnings on the Central Coast. Having been an electrical contractor for a very long time, I have moved our focus towards solar installations and the never ending expanding technology it continues to bring us over time.”

- Stephen Guiliana